The services provided will vary according to the project and the client’s needs and may include some or all of the following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Complete Architectural Design Services.
  • Evaluation of Existing Conditions accompanied by written reports, photographs, existing plans and recommendations. Evaluation of the building’s existing structural condition would include survey of condition of the building envelope; and survey of wall and floor systems, inclusive of stairs, elevator shafts and ramps. With owner prior approval make reasonable probes to ascertain the nature and condition of building’s existing electro-mechanical systems which can include plumbing, sprinkler, standpipe, heating, ventilation, and if any exist, elevators and fire alarms
  • Building Department searches.
  • In consultation with consultants review and project consumption of fuel and electricity.
  • Photographic documentation
  • Assist the owner / developer in the identification and selection of boring, geotechnical and other consultants as may be required for the development of the project.
  • Preparation of Schematic Design drawings.
  • Assist owner / developer / manager in preparation, review and or evaluation of complete written program of the requirements of the project.
  • Make design recommendations.
  • Prepare architectural renderings under special request by owner.
  • Preparation of written zoning and building code analysis of the building including but not limited to existing and or proposed space utilization, occupancy, life safety and egress.
  • Preparation of complete contract working drawings, plans and specifications. Contract documents include, site, zoning, architectural, structural, plumbing, sprinkler, HVAC, electrical, fire alarm and elevator drawings, if required. Consultants are retained to prepare electro-mechanical and structural plans with specifications.
  • Perform all required Department of Buildings, as well as other governmental agencies, filings and obtain approvals from same.
  • Preparation of Bid Documents.
  • Preparation of engineers estimate.
  • Provide Construction Administration via job site visits during the construction phase of the project to include:
  • Weekly job site inspection visits followed by field reports.
         * Weekly job site inspection visits followed by field reports.
         * Observation of field test / probes and provide reports of same.
         *  Maintain records of contract documents, change orders,
    correspondence, supplemental instructions, shop drawings,
    samples, request for payments, etc.
*  Review Contractor’s Application for Payment.
*  Review contract record drawings.
*  Monitor Construction Schedule.
*  Identify NYC DOB Controlled Inspections as required by the Building
*  Prepare Punch Lists
*  Process Certificate of Substantial Completion
*  Prepare “as built” record drawings both hard copies and electronic
*  Provide support documentation to contractors and or their Building
    Department expeditors for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of
    Occupancy from the Building Department.